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Unfinished Business

According to our records, as of Monday, June 17, you have not taken one of the following steps as required by the Teen Masters rules.

1.  Made a hotel reservation of at least 4 nights through the the Pro Shop on TeenMastersBowling.com, or

2. Purchased the Hotel Opt Out fee through the Pro Shop on TeenMastersBowling.com

Bowlers who have not completed one of these two steps will be unable to check-in or pick up their Championships jerseys.

To clarify:

  • Staying in one of the partnering Teen Masters hotels does not count if you did not book it through TeenMastersBowling.com. 

  • Sharing a room booked through TeenMastersBowling.com with another family still requires the family that did not reserve the room to purchase the Opt Out fee.

  • Families with multiple siblings competing are only required to make one hotel reservation through TeenMastersBowling.com.

There are several reasons the Teen Masters charges those who do not make their hotel reservations through TeenMastersBowling.com an Opt Out fee, but the primary reason relates to scholarship awards. Please look at the 2018 results linked below and you will see that the Teen Masters awarded an average of over $200 per bowler in scholarships!


One of the primary tools we use to achieve this payout is our hotel rebate program, and everyone - including those who book direct or use points or stay elsewhere - benefits. On average, the hotels contribute $75 for each family that books through TeenMastersBowling.com, and thus the Opt Out fee is the same amount. The Opt Out fee gives everyone the freedom to stay wherever they choose while keeping our scholarships strong. 

Also please keep in mind the Teen Masters does not collect dues, does not have a membership fee, and does not charge admission to family members and friends who come to watch the bowling.

If you have any other questions, please give me a call at 434-227-0205.

Gary Beck